Camp Power

The best one-week camp program in the entire world.

Camp Power provides kids from NYC's most underfunded and underserved neighborhoods with freedom and encouragement that are often lacking in their communities back in the city. Our signature program is a weeklong camp at one of the country's most beautiful camp facilities, providing the summer camp experience to kids who otherwise would never have had the opportunity. The Camp Power experience enriches the mind, exercises the body, and bolsters the soul. The main goal of camp is to simply let kids be kids for a week because children from these communities are often forced to grow up too fast. Camp takes place in late August so that campers start the school year feeling empowered and beaming with self-confidence. Camp encourages respect for themselves, their peers, and their environment. In addition, we host year-round events for campers such as Thanksgiving feasts, outings to Brooklyn Bowl, Broadway shows, and sporting events to keep the magic alive the other 51 weeks of the year.

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